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Law Office of Alex B. Ghibaudo


A Professional Corporation

G Law is a full service and dynamic law firm which focuses on a variety of legal disciplines - notably family law, criminal defense, civil litigation, and appellate law. We have been providing complete legal services to the Las Vegas area since 2016. By working with our exceptionally talented team, our clients have achieved remarkable results.

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The Right Choice

At G Law we are committed to excellence and devoted to our client's cause, giving each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their case.

Alex B. Ghibaudo, Esq.

Attorney & Counselor at Law

Mr. Ghibaudo is the sole owner of G Law. Originally from Southern California, Mr. Ghibaudo served in the United States Army as a paratrooper (1/509th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Fort Polk, Louisiana) before moving to Las Vegas in 2000 to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Mr. Ghibaudo graduated from UNLV in 2003 (magna cum laude, department honors scholar), after which he attended the University of California, Hastings College of Law where he graduated in 2006. Mr. Ghibaudo has been licensed to practice law in the great State of Nevada since 2007.

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Let Us Represent You

The life of the law is experience. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, Mr. Ghibaudo provides proactive solutions to a diversity of clients and their cases. Mr. Ghibaudo has experience in a variety of practice areas, ranging from family law to appellate law and more, in state court and federal court. From that experience comes understanding and ultimately excellence in the law. 

Check out our areas of practice and call us with your legal questions today.

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Complex personal and financial issues can arise during a separation, divorce, paternity, custody or modification action. In these types of cases, you want the most qualified law firm and experienced attorney to represent your interests. At G Law, we have the experience in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation you need for your case.



The best criminal defense attorneys know how to get charges reduced or dismissed, and to avoid harsh penalties. To do that, it's important to know how judges, the prosecutors, the police and the local criminal courts work. Knowing how the system works, combined with an expert workup of your case, can lead to a winning defense - which is what you will get at G Law.



A trial lawyer takes cases to trial. To do that, you must know how to litigate a case, and that comes with experience - and the confidence that comes with knowing your case and believing in your client's cause. A trial lawyer knows the winning strategy and what it takes to prove up a case - and he makes it happen, as we do at G Law.



When your judge and jury gets it wrong, an appeal to the Nevada Appellate Court provides you with a method to contest the outcome of your case. Appellate court is not trial court - there, even the most successful and experienced trial lawyers may be out their league. If you are appealing the outcome of your case, it is important to consult with an attorney who has experience working in the appellate courts .Located in Las Vegas, G Law provides strong, effective, and proven representation to individuals and businesses throughout Nevada during the appeals process.

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